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Babylock Evolve Overlocker

Babylock Evolve Overlocker


•Jet Air Threading – All loopers thread in a breeze
•Automatic Thread Delivery system (ATD)
•The ability to continually chain off with coverstitch needles
•Overlocking options using 2 to 8 threads resulting in 58 stitch options
•Coverstitch available using 3 needles (triple coverstitch), wide (6mm), narrow (3mm) and single chain stitch
•Automatic rolled hem stitch for a professional finish
•Overlock stitch functions to seam & encase fabric edges
•Flatlock stitch functions for seaming & decorative effects
•Tubular loopers prevent thread tangling
•Vertical needle system – minimizing needle deflection on heavy fabrics
•Heavy duty cutting system copes with thick fabrics with ease
•Rolled hem adjustment with just a turn of a dial
•True 2 to 1 ratio differential feed – ranging from 0.6 to 2
•Adjustable stitch width – ranging from 1.5mm to 7.5mm on overlocking, and up to 16mm using coverstitch and overlock combined
•Adjustable stitch length 0.75mm – 4mm
•Easy to follow colour coded thread chart
•Snap on multi purpose foot including ribbon and tape guide
•Built in thread cutter
•Built in accessory storage
•Safety switches connected to front doors and presser foot
•1500 stitches per minute
•Needle system ELx705CF #12/80 #14/90
•5 year conditional warranty, parts and labour
•Made in Japan

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BLE8-2 Babylock Evolve Overlocker
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