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Handiquilter 24 Forte/Frame Package

Handiquilter 24 Forte/Frame Package

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Handiquilter 24 Forte/Frame Package
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Product Description
Handiquilter 24 Forte/Frame Package

With a full 24 inches of throat space, take your quilting to the next level. Designed for function and quality, giving you time to tackle your biggest ideas

Some projects need more speed and more space than what a smaller machine can deliver.  With more features, this high-functioning longarm systems enables you to finish more quilts, sharing

more of your love with friends, family and customers through beautiful quilting.

Machine Features

   Front Power Switch

   Easy-Set Tension

   Low-bobbin estimator and alarm

   Handi Feet mount with quarter-inch ruler foot installed, open-toe foot

   LED light ring

   2,400 Stitches per minute

   Front hand wheel and power switch

   Thread-break sensor with alarm

   Four basting stitch options

   Quilting alarm and project timer

   Three manual preset speeds

   Front and rear Ergo-Grip Handlebars™ with controls

   Consistent stitch quality from 4 to 24 stitches per inch

   Two modes of stitch regulation: Precision and Cruise

   Needle-stop position control

   Stitch counters

   Menu-controlled warm/cool/neutral LED and UV lighting

   Integrated, adjustable laser light for pantographs

   High-speed rotary hook with large-capacity M-class bobbin

   Easy needle change with ergonomic thumb screw

   Four language options: English, French, German and Spanish*

   Four extra bobbins, 20 needles, sample thread pack and pantograph

   Built-in diagnostics

All longarms feature

   HQ Retailer Support

   HQ Customer Support

   HQ Technical Solutions

   HQ Warranty

   Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

   Getting Started DVD